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Camp-Inn Options and Accessories

Now Standard - Fantastic Roof Fan - Add Rain Sensing option


Air Conditioning: This air conditioner is built into the trailer's body so it doesn't detract from the styling. It can be added with the sunroof and TV. AC Power hook-up is required. Contact us for more information. (Available on Classic and Ultra packages only) May differ from model shown.


Alcan Cover (bra): Protect the front of your teardrop from stones and other flying debris with our Alcan Cover. Our Alcan Cover (bra) is padded to prevent denting. It is made from the same material that is used on tonneau covers for durable good looks. The Alcan Cover is easily removable or can be left installed all the time. The picture shows examples of the 5 feet wide w/o storage box (upper right) and the 5 feet wide w/storage box (lower left).


Backup/Flood Light.


Rear Bumper: Polished stainless steel tubing bumper. Ends of tubing are rounded. Mounted with stainless steel brackets and hardware for a lifetime of durability and good looks. Available on all body models.


Standard on Classic and Ultra Models - LP / City Water Hookup. Allows for hookup to campground water source. A water out connection. And a LP out connection for accessories such as a grill, water heater or lantern. Comes with a water pressure regulator, a 4' LP hose and a 4' water hose.


25' LP / Water Extension Hoses for use with above city water option.


LP Furnace: 'Take the chill out' in cold or damp weather with this RV furnace. This thermostat controlled furnace puts out 12,000 BTU's of heat. The furnace is tucked away in the lower part of the front storage box. (Available on Classic and Ultra Packages Only)


Yakima Brand Roof Rack: Creates a convenient area for hauling extra gear.


Storage Trays: Small, Extra Deep, Small Pair, Small Extra Deep Combo

$62, $65, $120, $123

TV DVD Player: This option will add a 15 inch flat screen HD TV/DVD combo to the cabin. Also plays music CD's. The TV flips down to open a storage compartment for your DVD's and CD's. A coax cable connector on the outside of the camper allows you to hook up an antenna, cable TV or even a satellite dish. (available on Classic and Ultra packages only) May be installed with air conditioner.


Storage Cover: High quality, custom fit storage cover to protect your Camp-Inn trailer from the elements. The outdoor storage cover is water-repellant but still breathes and is UV resistant.


Side Entrance Tent: 42"wide X 48" deep X 74" high at the peak. Screen windows on both sides and a screen door all with privacy curtains.


Side Entrance Tent Rain Fly.


Spare Tire: This option adds a 12 inch spare tire sized to fit in the underfloor storage compartments. This spare tire is speed rated and may be used with 12 inch, 14 inch, SUV and Off-Road tires.


Wide Whitewalls: The perfect retro look to go with that vintage custom cruiser. (Available for street models only)


Leveling Jacks:Now Standard on all Models. This option adds two leveling jacks to the rear of the trailer. These jacks are more than just stabilizing jacks, they are rated to lift the weight of the trailer. Especially helpful on uneven camping areas.


Receiver Hitch: This option adds a receiver hitch type attachment point at the rear of the trailer. Use it with standard, 2 inch, hitch type bicycle racks.


Add full door screens for maximum ventilation. The screen doors have a zipper to open and close them, similar to a tent screen door. The screens can be rolled up and tied when not in use. The screens work on all 2004 and newer Camp-Inn doors.


SUV Package: The SUV package uses the same body, frame and fenders as our street model, but has taller tires for a more rugged stance. This gives the SUV package three inches more ground clearance than our street model. For most stock equipped SUVs and pick-up trucks, the SUV package gives you a perfect match in looks and functionality.


AC/DC Portable Refrigerator/Freezer- We are now offering a REAL refrigerator with a FREEZER! OTHER DC coolers only lower the temperature to 40 degrees below ambient. (at 90 ambient temperature, the cooler is only 50 inside) Our 33 quart capacity AC/DC fridge has a compressor just like your home fridge so it can actually freeze down to 0. It is sized to fit our countertop cooler area and is portable, so you can take it with you in the car on other outings. 22.8"L x 15.1"H x 14"W Weight: 33 lbs.


Galley Windscreens: Protect your kitchen area from crosswinds and gusts. These windscreens are snapped into place for easy installation and removal. They may also be left installed when closing the hatch. They are made from heavy rip-stop nylon with the edges reinforced for long life.


Paneling Upgrade: Mahogany or Bamboo


560 Raindrop- adds three grab bars to the ceiling of the cabin. One bar is positioned over each side door for easy transfers into or out of the trailer. A bar in the center of the ceiling helps for movement around the cabin and into the couch. 500/550 Teardrop- adds one grab bar above each side door for easy transfers.


Other Options Not Pictured

Electric Brakes


Electric Brakes with Park


Leather Sofa: Glazed or Vintage


Upgraded AGM Battery


Solar Connector


Internal battery isolator


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